Margaret and Mario Cardoza – Portland, Maine

Although driving is a privilege, owning a car is another matter. Finding one can be stressful. The Auto Buying Assistant is your best solution.

I have known Mr. Axelsen for over 20 years. His knowledge of buying, selling and trading cars surpasses any dealerships. I try to “up” him with offers going on in the area and he rises to the occasion by providing me information about the company, the make of the car and other issues occurring behind the scenes. He floors me with amazement. His true knowledge about vehicles makes him FULLY trustworthy! Richie also has the gift of true human qualities.

He shows you great respect, understanding and compassion to your unique situation. He has exceptional concern and genuine care in regards to your needs and lifestyle. When I had an accident, he helped ease me in getting back behind the wheel again. I admire him for this.