Q: Can you help me with a pre-owned vehicle?

A: Absolutely! Auto Buying Assistant will work with dealer partners to find the exact pre-owned vehicle you are looking for. We stay current with the pre-owned market and prices. We will provide you with up-to-date market values on the vehcile you are interested in. We will get you the best price and rate out there.

Q: I recently filed bankruptcy. Can you still arrange financing for me?

A: Auto Buying Assistant works with several banks who assist credit challenged individuals. Auto Buying Assistant has assisted with identifying solutions for many of our clients. Our clients are on the road to rebuilding their credit in a vehicle they are comfortable driving.

Q: Will I need money down towards the purchase?

A: Auto Buying Assistant does not determine if money down will be necessary in order for the loan to be approved. The financial institution handling your auto will make that determination.

Q: How do I set an appointment with Auto Buying Assistant?

A: Auto Buying Assistant can be reach by phone or email. If you leave all your information on the client’s information page, you will be contacted within 24 hours.

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