Everett Butts ~ Retired~ Ormond Beach, Florida

“I live in Florida and I would not buy my cars from any other person. I feel Richie is very reliable and trustworthy to look out for my best interest when it coming to buying a new or used vehicle. I compare prices with other dealership and Richie beat them all by a large margin. I pay the shipping charges to be sent here in my home town in Ormond Beach, FL. Have never been disappointed. I recommend my friends and relatives to go see Richie and they all have told me they were treated real good and very satisfied with price and the service. My mom would not go anywhere else.. When I travel back to Maine, I always stop in to just say Hi. There should be more good people like Richie out there, I always feel when I leave there that I got the best deal in town, and like I got a great friend in the automobile industry that I can call anytime and he will do his best to get me the best deal in town for me..”