Donahue – Unum – Falmouth, Maine

Using Richie’s services to buy a car was a timely, perfect decision for me. I’ve needed a new car for several years now, but have procrastinated because I don’t like dealing with car salesmen and dealership owners. I also don’t like shopping around for the best bargain for my trade-in – it takes too long and I can’t tell when I’m being lied to. And, I’m someone who doesn’t really enjoy test driving cars. With Richie, all my car phobias were addressed. I spoke with him on a Wednesday, reviewed his research about the cars on my list the next Monday, and on Thursday was driving my new car off the lot. What I couldn’t do in two years he did in 8 days! I never had to haggle with salesmen, drive from dealership to dealership, or negotiate price. Richie did the heavy lifting, while I decided which color my new car would be. (Hey, that’s a big decision!) Thanks, Richie, for your customer service, your relationships with New England auto dealers, and your knowledge of new and used cars. I benefitted greatly from your expertise.